DSLR Remote controll - Wi-Fi basic set

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Enhance your DSLR camera with WiFi

Now you just control the most important functions of your DSLR camera - wireless and from afar!

Radio remote control the camera functions of your Canon or Nikon DSLR with your Android or Apple(iPhone, iPad) device.

Live View, precise focussing with Touch AF and instant picture control.

Your camera does not have a bigger display? No Problems! All you need is a tablet and the WiFi Set. It gives you more flexibility - a bigger display and independence in the Live View are providing more creative photographing and filming.

If you wish, we may also set-up the TP-Link Router for usage with the DSLR-Controller or DSLR-Dashboard. Just chose your prefered option while ordering and name us your camera model for the fitting cable.

Self evident for our service: An easily understandable manual is also provided.

Compatible cameras, tablets and smartphones

Android - Smart device, no matter if it's a Tablet or a Smartphone, Android OS 2.2+ needed. The USB Host function isn't a requirement.

We made the best experiences with bigger Samsung Tablets.

Apple iPad or iPhone. A good software experience is provided for iPhone 4s or iPad Retina (or higher, for sure).

We made the best experiences with the iPad Air and iPad mini.

You also don't need the 3g/4g versions of the iPad - the WiFi version is just as good.

Recent informations for compatible cameras, you may find at the App developers..

Connectivity with the camera

Most cameras are connected with the WiFi-Box over a mini-USB-cable - which is included in this set.

That we may give you the right cable - you have to mention your camera model in the commentary section of your order. You may also just contact us otherwise.

Please note:

The necessary app is not complementary in this set and needs to be downloaded in the respective shops (Google Play / Appstore) - this may cause additional costs

Due to the big variety in Smartphone and Camera combinations we may not guarantee the functionality for every single combination.

Before buying, please check if your camera is compatible with the App you wish to use.

We cannot provide guarantee for the functionality after the update of a new iOS/android firmware or even the app-update.

For the Nikon D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D7100, D750, Df you may use the cable contained in the scope of delivery.

Soll eine Nikon D800, D810 oder Canon 7D Mark II angeschlossen werden, vermerken Sie das bitte bei der Bestellung.

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