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Solmeta Geotagger GMAX - the GPS receiver for Nikon DSLRs

GPS coordinates and line of sight directly into your photos


With the fast and economical MTK GPS-chipset of the newest generation, your position is being tracked exactly and every second. The GPS Information gathered like that, is being transmitted straight into the pictures(JPG and NEF; Exif-standards) taken by you.

Like this every photo of yours contains the coordinates (Geographical Longitude, Latitude and Height) just as the Line of Sight (3D Compass)¹ and the exact GPS-time and date.

When encountering connectional issues of the GPS-signal, the last position where you had connection will be taken for your shots, thanks to the "Puffer"-Technology built-in.

¹ The camera may be tilt to up to ±75°. When taking shots in portrait (90°) the functionality of the compass may be denied. Nikon D200 and Fuji 5s Pro are ignoring this function.

Record your covered track with saved Waypoints


Indepently of your camera, the Solmeta Geotagger GMAX may record your covered track as Track-Logger.

The capacity of the memory may contain about 10 mio Waypoints (4 GB Memory). They all are recorded in universal NMEA format.

You don't need some special software on your computer to read out the Data - the Solmeta Geotagger GMAX behaves like an USB-Mass-Storage-Device. It does not matter what OS you use. Windows, PC Mac or Linux, you get your data easily.

Combined with suitable software (Geosetter or HoudahGeo) there is the possibility of universal Geotagging for every camera. 

wireless remote trigger via Bluetooth® - for smartphone or tablet 

you can use the GMAX as a wireless remote controller by pairing the divice via bluetooth. With the App "GMAX-Remoter" (available in Itunes for IOS and for Android as Download in our shop) you can controle your Nikon camera by bluetooth with mobile device.


Intervall Timer for Timelapse shots


The Solmeta Geotagger Pro2 also offers a Timer-Trigger for shooting interval pictures to do some Time Lapse shots

The interval, just as the Start- and Finishtime are freely programmable by you.

Independent of your camera battery


With the internal Li-Ionen battery of the Solmeta Geotagger, your cameras battery won't be stressed by the Geotagger

Only when the internal battery dies, it switches to use the battery of your camera. Like this you won't lose any GPS-data in your photos.

Live-Display of all your Geotagger-data


Forget about meaningless blinking LED lights! The Solmeta Geotagger Pro2 comes handy with a good LCD Display.

On this display you will see all your GPS-data like, longitude, latitude, height, line of sight, time, data, speed, inclination, sattelite number and battery status of the geotagger. The display of the highly precise time is being shown with a deviation of maximum 0,1s.


This GPS-receiver fits the following Nikon cameras with the MC-DC2 accessory socket:

  • D3100, D3200, D3300
  • D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500
  • D7000, D7100, D7200
  • D600, D610
  • D750
  • Df
  • P7700*, P7800*

*Camera ignores Line of Sight technology


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Solmeta Y-cable splitter Solmeta Y-cable splitter
Connect Geotagger and remote shutter release at the same time
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Solmeta charging cable USB Solmeta charging cable USB
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