cable release 2,5mm

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Cable-Release for many Geotaggers

With this cable release you may be controlling your camera from a far. Perfect addition for many Geotaggers of our product range.

Shooting a picture without any blurring

Triggering the camera at a distance is perfectly for taking non-blurred photographs, when having your camera on a tripod. You don't have to touch the camera anymore to hit the release button. Ideal to avoid concussions, which happen easily if you take photographs with long exposure time and may lead to blur or fuzziness.

The release is supporting this three operating-modes:

  • Focussing (pressing halfway)
  • Release
  • Arresting for long time exposre(Bulb)

Compatible supplies

The cable release with 2,5mm jack is compatible with the following Geotaggers:

  • foolography unleashed D200+
  • foolography unleashed D800
  • di-GPS ECO 9M
  • di-GPS ProS M
  • Solmeta Geotagger N3
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