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Solmeta cable type A

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Connection cable for Solmeta geotagger and Nikon professional camera

By changing the connection cable, the Solmeta geotagger may be used with different Nikon cameras. You find the fitting cable - right here!

Compatible with the following Solmeta geotagger:

  • Solmeta Geotagger Pro (from hardwareversion v10.0)
  • Solmeta Geotagger N1 (from hardwareversion v6.0)
  • Solmeta Geotagger N2 (from hardwareversion v6.0)

You find the hardware version of your geotagger on the nameplate at the bottom. If there is no version stated, you may have an older model. If this is the case, please contact our support hotline.

The cable is compatible with the following Nikon cameras with 10-pin plug:

  • D200
  • D300, D300S
  • D500
  • D700
  • D800, D800E
  • Df
  • D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs
  • D3, D3X, D3S
  • D4, D4s
  • D5
  • Fujifilm S5 Pro

Important notice:

Solmeta geotagger cable are not compatible with the Nikon GP-1, Phottix Geo One and other geotaggers!


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Solmeta Y-cable splitter Solmeta Y-cable splitter
Connect Geotagger and remote shutter release at the same time
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