di-GPS Geotagger Eco ProSumer 2 DC (Compass)

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Dawntech di-GPS ECO ProSumer 2 DC 

The 2. Generation of the Success Model with digital compass


Integrated digital compass

NEW since Ver2 of 2. Generation (August 1. 2018): The compass calibrate it self automaticaly!

The compass sensor store the direction of every picture you take with your camera. 
By watching the picture on the computer you can see on a map not only the position the picture was taken, 
plus that the software displays the line of sight of every photo.

Please note that the compass-sensor is accurate only in horizonal, in vertical camera position the data can not be used. 

GPS coordinates directly into your photos

The highly sensitive MTK GPS-Chip is providing excellent recieving power in every imaginable situation. The GPS data obtained by that will be written directly into your pictures data (JPG and NEF; Exif-Standard).

Like this, every photo contains the coordinates (Geographical Latitude, Longitude and height) just like the exact GPS-time and date.

In Ver2 of 2. Generation LPM function (last position memory) is not available anymore. 

Modified housing design

Now the Eco ProSumer is a bit smaler than it´s predecessor,
plus that the receiver unit was optimized which causes much better GPS signal quality. 

Economical and incredibly fast

The ECO ProS-M Geotagger is only slightly using the battery of your camera. Merely about 17 mA power usage in normal operating GPS mode (19mA when on satellite search) are providing long running time. This power usage is corresponding about a third of the Nikon GP-1.

Super easy when it comes to handling. No Setup - No Software. Simply plug the device into your MC-DC2  socket and simply start shooting pictures.

Compact and flexible

The compact case of the di-GPS ECO ProS-M fits perfectly to your camera. With about 16 grams of weight it is a lightweight under the GPS-receivers at your accessory connector. No cables are disturbing you and the flash socket remains free.

Also, you may simply plug the cable remote trigger into the 2,5 mm jack (Contained within the scope of delivery) of the Geotagger.

This GPS-receiver fits the following Nikon cameras with the MC-DC2 accessory socket:

  • D3100, D3200, D3300
  • D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300
  • D7000, D7100
  • D600, D610
  • Df
  • P7700, P7800
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