Bluetooth Geotagger Set: unleashed D200+ and Holux RCV-3000 GPS-Logger

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Bluetooth Geotagger Set: foolography unleashed D200+ and Holux RCV-3000 GPS-Logger

Full set containing GPS-receiver and Bluetooth Dongle

We've already coupled both devices for you

Instead of concerning yourself about coupling the Bluetooth devices, you can start directly with shooting photos. Just connect the Bluetooth receiver to your camera, start the GPS-Receiver and START!

All pictures from now on contain the location where they have been taken in their Exif-data.


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The foolography unleashed Geotagger puts the GPS data wireless into your photos, made with the Nikon camera.

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Compact Bluetooth GPS-receiver with Datalogging for Geotagging and as GPS deliverer for Bluetooth Geotagger.

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cable release 2,5mm cable release 2,5mm
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