Solmeta remots control for Pro2

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Radio remote trigger RC-1 for Solmeta Geotagger Pro2

With this remote trigger you may easily control a camera equipped with the Geotagger Pro2 from up to a 100 meters range.

Geotagger as remote

As receiver for this remote trigger the Solmeta Geotagger Pro2 (not in scope of delivery) is used.

To prevent collision with other systems you may choose between 10 different channels.

Focus, trigger, long exposure

The trigger button of the remote has two different pressure points. When hitting the first pressure point the camera is focussing - hitting the second one will trigger the photo. The remote also has a slide switch, which may lock the trigger button and provides long time exposure (Bulb).

Second- or replacement remote trigger

You are in need of a second remote trigger? Or you need to replace another one?

All of our Solmeta Geotagger Pro2 are coming with a remote trigger already, just in case you did not know that.

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