foolography unleashed Dx000

foolography unleashed Dx000

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foolography unleashed Dx000: Bluetooth®-Dongle for wireless GPS-Coordinates

For folks that just hate cables: The unique Bluetooth®-Dongle for wireless Geotagging - Made in Germany!

Wireless Geotagging using Bluetooth®

The position is being determined by a GPS-receiver, which is sending the data to the Geotagger in the camera by using Bluetooth technology. The GPS-Data is being saved directly into your photos on your camera.

The advantages of Bluetooth Technology:

  • Very small additional device at the camera
  • GPS-Receiver may be in an optimal positioning (Upper part of the camera bag)
  • Saving camera battery, the GPS has its own battery.

Real Bluetooth-Pairing prevents unintentional connection with different GPS-Devies. Even if there are multiple BT-Geotaggers close (On an excursion with your fellow photographers), every Dongle will find "his own" GPS-Receiver.

GPS Coordinates directly into your photos

The GPS-Information will be written directly into the image files (JPG and NEF; by Exif-Standards). By that, every photo contains the coordinates (Longitude, Latitude, Altitude) just like the precise GPS-time and date. Even if there is a connectional issue in Bluetooth communication or even loss of the GPS-Signal, the intelligent Puffer-Function (Indoor-Puffer) will automatically use the last known position.

Extremely compact

The case is extremely compact and adapts perfectly to your camera. Via 2,5mm jack you can also connect a wired remote trigger (Available as accessory) to trigger the camera from a distance.

The Geotagger is "Made in Germany"

Compatible Bluetooth®-GPS-Receiver

Most of the current GPS-Receiver with Bluetooth-Technology may be used. We recommend using the Holux RCV-3000, M-241 or the Bad Elf GPS Pro.

We also offer the unleashed Geotagger in a bundle with some discount: Set mit GPS-Empfänger

Your benefits:

Both devices are already coupled and you can start immediately.
Save money with the attractive discount

This geotagger fits all Nikon Cameras with the flat MC-DC2 accessory port.


Attention! This geottager doesn't (mechanically) fit the Nikon D3300!

  • D3100, D3200
  • D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500
  • D7000, D7100
  • D600, D610
  • D750 (it is required to remove the connector cover!)
  • Df
  • P7700, P7800

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The foolography unleashed Geotagger puts the GPS data wireless into your photos, made with the Nikon consumer cameras.

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Cable remote trigger for the Nikon accessory connector MC-DC2. Also fitting with the Unleashed geotaggers D90 and DX000.

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